Helping startup founders hire engineers faster

What does StartupBake do?

We help founders hire the best frontend engineers quickly. We’ll scale your outbound recruiting to be on autopilot, run phone screens for you, and get you the top qualified candidates till you find the right one.

What does StartupBake’s process look like?

Once we have a simple contract in place, here’s what our process looks like:

Week 1: Onboarding & Sourcing

  1. 60-min onboarding call: We’ll learn everything we can about your company's needs and ideal candidate. We’ll also work with you to finalize your hiring process so you’re prepared for leads.
  2. Calibration: We’ll send over 10 engineering profiles to calibrate on the quality and criteria you have in mind for the role.

Week 2 onwards: Outreach & Phone Screens

We’ll run tailored outreach on your behalf and phone screen interested candidates for you.

Week 3: Candidate Introductions

We’ll introduce you to the best candidates from our process.

What’s your secret source?

We have 2.8x higher reply rates on our candidate outreach emails than the average recruiter (source). This means we can get you access to top candidates faster.

How quickly can you help me hire an engineer?

We set a goal to work with founders and close hires in 30 days. While we can’t promise an exact timeframe, we move fast and will scale your hiring outreach by orders of magnitude more than what you could do internally.

What is StartupBake’s pricing?